Improving RafA

This time I improved the overall look of the terrain in my new R.a.f.A. game Hope you like it.

Kick Buttowski 3d Model

Hello again,

Another Model

This time I bring you Kick Buttowski


Son Goku 3d Model

Hi people, Recently I encouraged myself to create my first 3d model in Zbrush
Here is the result.
Hope you enjoy it!
Son Goku

Huge Graffiti

Hi, It's been a while! Right now I'm focused on a new project called HugeGraffiti, but unfortunately is a web page and has nothing to do with games and mobile development :(

If you want to take a look it is right here:
It is kind of a huge wall in where you can draw or upload pics, works with the latest versions of browsers. don't forget to become a fan in Facebook:

and here is a screenshot of the actual look and feel

RetroFun for Iphone/Ipod....

Hi people!

Just want to let you know that another of my creations has been approved and now you can find it in Apple Store! It's TOTALLY FREEEE!!!

New Game! Sistema Digestivo

some news right now, we are participating in a contest with an Educational VideoGame called "Sistema Digestivo" (or Human Digestive System).
It was developed in Python and we use a library called Pilas(thanks Hugo Ruscitti and your team)

The main purpose of the game is to understand the different steps in a human digestive process, and its connections.
Single player is fun, but it's better to try it on multiplayer!

We made 2 distributions:
one for Windows - as a stand alone executable, with python runtime integrated
Windows distribution
one for Linux - so if you are curious you could actually see the source code and modify it (sorry if it's not clear enough, I made it in a hurry XD).
Linux distribution

Pilas Engine:
Contest WebPage: